So…all last week up until today I was happy and carefree….on vacation….not doing anything….just staying in a hotel, and having a TIME OUT from work and the fucking house I live in, with my ex husband. That all ended today…..I had to leave the hotel and come back to Casa DragonFly and it is really fucking annoying. I didn’t realize how insanely unhappy I am here, until I was able to leave and then had to come back. It is really absolute TORTURE.
I mean I left my ex husband in October and we were officially divorced January 3rd and yet we still have to cohabit-ate in this fucking house….. It is MISERABLE.
It could be worse….we kind of get along…..but trust me, it couldn’t get much worse– especially with not knowing when we can get out of this place. Neither of us can move on….physically, or mentally.
Whatever I have done, whether in this life or a past life…..I PROMISE this torture is FAR beyond any paybacks…..I think I am all squared away on punishment for the rest of my life.
This day sucks because it is HOT HOT HOT here and that alone is life sucking…..I already had to take a nap, and even Sasha doesn’t want to move.
After that I did run a few errands and received a check in the mail…..well with my new Droid phone I ‘can’ make deposits via phone….but my fucking camera phone sucks sooooo fucking bad that EVERY picture I ever take comes out blurry….so after spending about 45mins on this project I gave up……then bitched about it for another 20mins.
I have done laundry and am pretty much packed to go out of town tomorrow….and yes, that will be nice….I get to leave Casa DragonFly again……but what would also be nice is having my own god damn place and WANTING to be home.
*SIGH* Also, I think I am PMSing so that is not helping any of this.
Anyway…..I am opening a bottle of vino and perhaps that will lift my ‘spirits’…..I hope so….because seriously….this place just makes me feel stabby and want to sleep forever :’-(
Somebody PLEASE buy this house already

Well as some of you may know I have been staying in a hotel suite, since last Monday night. The purpose of the stay was because my mom came to help me post op….but I didn’t need that much help, so she left on Thursday and Sasha and I have been staying here ALONE, since.
This was sort of…actually was completely a gift from my parents, since I am currently residing with my fucking ex husband in a house they (or my mom) pretty much forced us to buy. We won’t go into that, too much…..just the fact that we are trying to sell it while the housing market SUCKS ASS….yeah…NO FUN. And NO I don’t want to deal with leasing it out….and NO neither of us can afford to buy each other out, or pay for 2 places.
Anyway….so the hotel suite has been like the BEST EVER!!! ALONE TIME= AWESOMENESS…..also, I had vicodin up until Saturday which was fun 🙂
1) the hotel has FREE breakfast (which I NEVER get up for…since I have been sleeping to Oh….around 2— I got up @ 130pm today and that was a nice surprise— it is COMFY and dark & cold….perfect for sleeping in)
2) The hotel is a suite with a full size refrigerator and stove top and microwave….which I only use for heating up leftovers, but still AWESOME. Also….it has dishes, and shit and even a dishwasher —- It’s like an EZ Bake Oven only for adults
3) Monday- Thursday this place has free dinner and it comes with free wine &/ or beer…..buffet style 🙂
4) Housekeeping
This place is so great I actually asked them about monthly rates, but I could get my own place in NYC for the monthly rate here… that’s out.
Usually Sasha & I get up and get something to eat….I take her out and we hang out in the living room and it’s not much different from if I were at home except NO ONE else is EVER AROUND. Also, at home I have had tons of shit to do, lately and it is exhausting….and I don’t really sleep and well…my ex husband is there….so Yeah.
Did I mention I am on vacation… probably already know that b/c I freaking tweet about it ALL the time….because I need THIS vacation SOOOO bad. Work has been INSANE…..and really I am not complaining because the paychecks are good, but SERIOUSLY needed a break…..
So…..this doing absolutely nothing without anyone around is the best vacation I have had in a while 🙂

Well….tomorrow marks the end of the retreat @ the hotel suite… fact they called to remind me I have to leave. They asked if I need a taxi, or a wake up call. I am sure this was meant to be courteous, but seriously…..they have hardly heard a peep out of me…..are they trying to MAKE SURE I KNOW I have to leave?? *sigh* I know I have to leave, but this week has been fabulous….much like I expect “When I have my own Place” will be…..except no housekeeping or free breakfast and dinner.

What I hate about Sims

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First….I LOVE the Sims….but there are issues that I HATE.
1) as if I do not have enough things to keep me procrastinating…The Sims is a HUGE time suckage. It is NOT easy to create the PERFECT Sim….and build a house….buy them fancy shit…….make hot neighbors for them to hook up with and eventually raise a Sim family.
I know plenty of cheats….I mean they are right there on The Internets….if you google….which apparently a lot of people don’t google as much as I do. The reason I know this is because people ask questions on Twitter all the time and I answer their questions by Googling….and they thank me, like I actually knew that. I Google EVERYTHING…..In fact I hope my Google history dies when I do, b/c yeah….some of it is just NOT stuff I want other people to know I Google.
Ok…back to the Sims. Even though I know cheats, one of the best being how to make them gazillionaires and buy them nice things….
Well….by the time I freaking get everything in place and their house arranged to their liking (taking cues from their either jumping up and down and clapping OR stomping their feet and shaking their head with exclamation marks emitting from them) they grow old before I can achieve most of their goals.
Do you know how freaking long it takes them to read a book?? FOREVER…… Do you know how long they have to work out before actually getting a point for that?? FOREVER and then they are tired and need a nap. If they have a job they are gone too much and can’t take care of having parties and meeting friends, or going to the spa.
Sleeping takes too long, too…..and then they tire easily.
I am sure I should brush up on some of those cheats, but seriously…..can they go a week without getting gray hair and being a Senior?
I guess even fake people you create just grow up too fast…..but in NOT real life, can we eliminate that, already.

Well….Tuesday, (May 3), was one of my ALL time favorite people’s birthday!! Deborah Gee– Absolutely LOVE her….she is an amazing friend who ADORES food and great wine, as well. I can ALWAYS count on her to go to the best places around — WELL….anywhere in the WORLD, actually.
We talk ALL the time, but our schedules seldom allow us to actually get together, but it did work out perfectly this week and we were able to visit Bootsie’s Cafe
It was FABULOUS! We indulged in a 9 course tasting….and I also included the wine/ beer pairing for each course (since I was not driving)
Here is the menu of what we scrupulously devoured:

The Waitress, was so fabulous and was nice enough to write down each wine/ beer that was ‘paired’ with each item…very sweet
We began with the Canape and I fell IN LOVE with the white chocolate cured beets… could you NOT??
After that began the actual courses with pairings…..Which began great fun!
First we started with Pig’s Heart…..which neither of us had had before, but it was actually quite tasty….although I wouldn’t eat an entire ‘plate’ of it….but mostly I think that is the mental block issue…..
All entrees were beautifully presented (forgive my camera phone—not THE BEST):

After that we moved on to some FABULOUS Pole Beans:

The Beans were TO DIE FOR… fabulous….but I adore beans, so that is just me….actually NO….you WOULD LOVE THEM
next we eagerly anticipated the Ravioli of Hill Country Rabbit….and were NOT disappointed

Mmmmm…..and next came….. 3rd Coast BarrelFish:

Carrot Puree….YES, Please!!!
Oi….This is a long blog…..SOO much food, but so worth it….I know you are jealous….but stay tuned…..because the fabulous continues
The Quail…..I think THIS was my favorite….EVERYTHING was delicious, but this was something I enjoyed greatly
I KNOW…..but guess what….we still have THREE more dishes!!!
Roasted Pork Belly:
Desert Courses……
I do not generally indulge in sweets…..I eat enough other stuff and drink my sugar with wine…..but you should not pass up the creations that were created for our menu–
Apples Poached in Centennial Hops:
Ok….LAST dish….and I wish there had been MORE!
Devil’s food Cake:
The Entire evening was absolutely something out of something you WISH you could enjoy….The food was something MORE people should seek out and taste….the atmosphere was low key and casual yet STILL absolutely above just the general publics’ expectations. The staff was wonderful, attentive….. and the tasting/ pairing/ ambiance/ staff……were a perfect combination of an evening that you wish would happen more when you venture out.
We had SUCH a GREAT time we convinced the chefs and staff to take a picture with us:

Reasons I need my own place

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Why I NEED my own place:
2. I do NOT need to deal with other people’s drama…..for a period of time, at least— and possibly EVER, after all this
3. I can spend my ZERO money on ME and not feel in debt to others…..nor will someone (a husband ask for shit)
4. I like things clean & organized…..I want to come back to that. On RARE occasions I do not care about organization I still know where shit is, and WILL organize it
5. I am handy…..I have a tool kit and know how to fix things better than pretty much anyone I have lived with since 2 people in NYC
—- for instance: MrD installed new shower head the other day….since then LOW LOW water pressure. Being determined I fixed it tonight. He never would have gotten around to it….and would have blamed shower head making a useless trip to Target for return, only to end up same
6. I can watch, or NOT watch, what I want when I want or not
7. I don’t have to be quiet and I don’t have to deal w/ someone who is NOT quiet and thinks it’s fine to talk in my ear while I am on the phone….or talk loudly while I am trying to sleep in between working
8. I don’t have to take care of ANYONE, but ME and my lovely Sasha……
9. I can listen to music and just stare and think about how amazing this moment is and how long I waited for it

To Be Continued………


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You’re lying…..
VERY few people actually pronounce ‘Coffee’ Quaffee….and I am pretty sure you are NOT one of them….
Whatever words I MAY have picked up while living in NY I now feel like a traitor hearing the words trashed so violently from people TRYING to sound New York instead of actually BEING New York.
You may LIVE in New York, you may HAVE lived in New York, but don’t fucking try to sound like you ARE New York…..
New York is better than you ever could be…….

I will blog about things besides NO SLEEP
I will post a blog about My Not so settling, but Eventually funny experience– IN NARNIA with one of my most AWESOMEST friends, BrianEasley

As for now……there is Breaking GunFire in Egypt, on the news–here, in Brazil….pretty sure that’s been breaking for days

I ate a scrumptious Brazilian meal earlier, from a buffet, down the street from Sao Paulo Hotel: Golden Tulip
Restaurant A Mereinda

I think that covers things for the evening……maybe, probably…..
Be Back, soon……