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Well as some of you may know I have been staying in a hotel suite, since last Monday night. The purpose of the stay was because my mom came to help me post op….but I didn’t need that much help, so she left on Thursday and Sasha and I have been staying here ALONE, since.
This was sort of…actually was completely a gift from my parents, since I am currently residing with my fucking ex husband in a house they (or my mom) pretty much forced us to buy. We won’t go into that, too much…..just the fact that we are trying to sell it while the housing market SUCKS ASS….yeah…NO FUN. And NO I don’t want to deal with leasing it out….and NO neither of us can afford to buy each other out, or pay for 2 places.
Anyway….so the hotel suite has been like the BEST EVER!!! ALONE TIME= AWESOMENESS…..also, I had vicodin up until Saturday which was fun 🙂
1) the hotel has FREE breakfast (which I NEVER get up for…since I have been sleeping to Oh….around 2— I got up @ 130pm today and that was a nice surprise— it is COMFY and dark & cold….perfect for sleeping in)
2) The hotel is a suite with a full size refrigerator and stove top and microwave….which I only use for heating up leftovers, but still AWESOME. Also….it has dishes, and shit and even a dishwasher —- It’s like an EZ Bake Oven only for adults
3) Monday- Thursday this place has free dinner and it comes with free wine &/ or beer…..buffet style 🙂
4) Housekeeping
This place is so great I actually asked them about monthly rates, but I could get my own place in NYC for the monthly rate here… that’s out.
Usually Sasha & I get up and get something to eat….I take her out and we hang out in the living room and it’s not much different from if I were at home except NO ONE else is EVER AROUND. Also, at home I have had tons of shit to do, lately and it is exhausting….and I don’t really sleep and well…my ex husband is there….so Yeah.
Did I mention I am on vacation… probably already know that b/c I freaking tweet about it ALL the time….because I need THIS vacation SOOOO bad. Work has been INSANE…..and really I am not complaining because the paychecks are good, but SERIOUSLY needed a break…..
So…..this doing absolutely nothing without anyone around is the best vacation I have had in a while 🙂

Well….tomorrow marks the end of the retreat @ the hotel suite… fact they called to remind me I have to leave. They asked if I need a taxi, or a wake up call. I am sure this was meant to be courteous, but seriously…..they have hardly heard a peep out of me…..are they trying to MAKE SURE I KNOW I have to leave?? *sigh* I know I have to leave, but this week has been fabulous….much like I expect “When I have my own Place” will be…..except no housekeeping or free breakfast and dinner.