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I will blog about things besides NO SLEEP
I will post a blog about My Not so settling, but Eventually funny experience– IN NARNIA with one of my most AWESOMEST friends, BrianEasley

As for now……there is Breaking GunFire in Egypt, on the news–here, in Brazil….pretty sure that’s been breaking for days

I ate a scrumptious Brazilian meal earlier, from a buffet, down the street from Sao Paulo Hotel: Golden Tulip
Restaurant A Mereinda

I think that covers things for the evening……maybe, probably…..
Be Back, soon……

Wow…..been soo busy…COMPLETELY forgot about even thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.
1. Worked to Caracas, Venezuela
2. Spent a week in Cozumel (day after work)
3. Day after Cozumel worked to Rio
4. ONE day off
5. BACK to Rio
6. 2 days off
7. Buenos Aries over XMas
8. 1 day off
9. go to work and after 2 hrs of sitting there go to Seattle and back (red eye)—- then when I got in, @8am, had
to go BACK to airport SAME night
10. after ending that assignment I had to go to London 11hrs later

1. Day after London trip…….had to go to court and finalize divorce (uber early in morning)
2. 1 day off
3. then worked to Sao Paulo
4. 1 day off
5. back to Buenos Aries
6. next day Interview for promotion
7. (same day as interview) 4 days off but with friend in town–fun, but still draining
8. work….luckily was able to tackle many aspects of tax return filing during this work period
9. back to Sao Paulo (tomorrow….1/19/2011)

In the meantime, just trying to take care of things… divorce paperwork, court, getting house up for sale…..and even interviewing for a promotion.
OMG…..for people in the ‘normal’ business world this may not seem stressful, but for me!! OMG….I haven’t worked on resume, or EVEN thought of updating resume!!! Aaaahhhh!!!
So……OMG…..yes, I WAS able to complete EVERYTHING: Application….reference letters, and updated resume. I was lacking in interview update skills and was EXHAUSTED, so VERY NOT sure how I did…..I will keep you updated.
Been somewhat obsessed about how I did, in interview, but have also resolved myself to if I get the promotion it is meant to be….if not…..another time will be better, when I am more prepared, perhaps– BUT I DO hope I receive the promotion.

New Year’s Resolution: Move on in a positive direction……..not so much defining specific goals. Being a better, more positive and giving person in all aspects of my life and hoping that the strong and difficult decisions I made towards the end of last year will serve me well…..and perhaps lift a burden that allows me to be more open to amazing opportunities and seeing the world in a different light.

I’m in Rio…
I Have HIGH HOPES for Rio…..and Brazil, that they get their shit together before the Olympics.
This is my EXTREME Close Up to ONE of the ‘Favellas’…..infamous for gun shots……muggings, kidnapping, drugs, and other sorted excitement.
Sometimes I like to open my balcony door and listen to the waves……I am skipping that this trip and keeping curtains closed…..not that curtains are bullet proof. And not that I ‘REALLY’ think I will be hit by a stray bullet…..but…..I think I have taken enough chances in life 😉
Anywho……I am still glad I am here…..I had a nice dinner and flew with good people and NO drama… all good December….still a THUMBS UP….so far

DragonFly Get Away

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Well Saturday Mr. DragonFly and I headed to Martindale, TX to celebrate National Corn Dog day @ my friend’s farm:

I have been asked if this is a real Holiday….I’m not really sure, but let me google real quick….I guess it is: National Corndog Day
Well…it is more just an excuse to party and have fun…and eat corndogs. It was FREEZING but there was a small bonfire to keep us warm.
The next morning Mr. DragonFly & I packed up our stuff and headed to San Antonio for DragonFly getaway. While packing up I noticed that my friend’s cat had pooped on my coat…AWESOME. The coat spent the rest of the weekend in a plastic bag.
We stopped for food on our way out of Martindale and Mr. DragonFly noticed we had a flat tire. He was freaking out…but I just called AAA and they changed out our tire super fast….Mr DragonFly is in a constant state of angst when traveling….it is EXTREMELY annoying…
Once we arrived in San Antonio I showered and ended up taking a nap.After an hour of googling restaurants we went to dinner @ a Mexican restaurant that had Mariachi’s!!

I SOOO wanted to tell them it was Mr. DragonFly’s birthday, but I didn’t have any cash to give them….but next time I WILL be ready.
Also, the restaurant was in Market Square and there were all sorts of novelty items, including mexican Wrestling masks (which I am STILL regretting not buying). Luchadores Mexicanos
The restaurant was only about 4 blocks away from our hotel but somehow I managed to get us lost on the way home. Mr. DragonFly was getting frustrated…but I tried to point out it is important to see as much of the city as possible when traveling, even homeless people & dark alleys.
The next morning Mr. Dragonfly had to go to a trade show, while I attempted more sleep. Our room did not have a ‘Do not Disturb’ thingie to put out so I made one out of paper. I was awoken to the maid LITERALLY banging on my door until I opened the door….and she then said she just wanted to let me know she replaced my do not disturb sign with a real one. Um…thanks but you just totally disturbed me to tell me that.
I ended up having to make a ‘Wifey’ appearance @ the trade show and shmooz with the guys in Marketing….I like schmoozing and am pretty good @ it so it wasn’t too bad. Mr. DragonFly even said I should be in Marketing and that I make it easier on him b/c I do all the schmoozing for him. Yay Me!! Good at something!
So the trade show was pretty boring but Mr. DragonFly did ALL the graphics for his company’s kick ass booth and I was REALLY impressed….I guess he has some skillz.
The way home sucked and was boring. We took turns singing to really shitty songs on the radio and sometimes arguing… about when I told him to go right and he went left and it took us an extra 30 mins to get back on track. I guess Mr. DragonFly doesn’t know the whole catchy ‘Never Eat Sour Watermelons’ thing to help you remember your directions. We live EAST of San Antonio…not WEST…
Anyway, that was DragonFly Get Away. In a sort of thrown up type blog.

Ok….so I have been holding up my strength (for the most part) and been pleasant…maybe tired but trucking through this insane work schedule….I mean we ALL know I NEED and want to work…’s just I am sort of way behind on ‘Life’ and unfortunately some fairly important dr. visits…not to mention EXHAUSTED…..I have had 4 days off since December 18th and 2 of those days I LITERALLY spent the ENTIRE time asleep or getting up to pee– oh wait I did clean the kitchen & do laundry @ 6am one of those days— but went back to sleep.
So la la …..anywho….I got in from London Sunday & back ‘on call’ Mon & Tues’ DESPERATLEY hoping to just lay low regroup & catch up….but NO…..I am writing you from Mexico City.
This was really THE straw…..le sigh….and I am VERY OVER ‘Scheduling’ telling ME what to do/ when after doing this job for like 10 freaking yrs…..but I will not get into that at the moment….
Honestly….I was in NO MOOD from ‘the get go’ today…..I mean Fierce…and that doesn’t happen much… when I am @ work I tend to be the flight attendant that is always smiling & friendly etc…..but today NOT having it. I wasn’t mean, or rude….but I definitely know my face said do NOT even think about it……….
The flight was fine and actually everyone was pleasant……..
When I arrived @ the hotel, here in Mexico City, I inquired about internet access in the room and if it was complimentary (for crew members) and what I needed to do. My answer was a non convincing ‘dial 0 when you reach your room’…..I EVEN asked…”When I dial 0 am I going to be talking to YOU again??”
Moving on…….When I did arrive in my room there was a plug that said internet access which clearly needed a cable which was clearly not in my desk drawer. So I dialed the infamous ‘0’….to which the operator replied that I need to leave a deposit @ the front desk (which will be returned…and that also happens to be where I receive the cable)…REALLY?? I asked why they didn’t give me that information when I JUST asked not 5 mins ago, while downstairs…..
She didn’t know and offered to transfer me but I said I was going to have to go down there anyway…….
When I say I am in NO MOOD….I mean I am in NO MOOD……
When I arrived @ the front desk AGAIN I asked the lady…..”Remember 5 mins ago when I asked about accessing internet in the room and you said to dial 0??….. Any reason you didn’t also inform me that I need to leave a deposit with you AND get a cable from you?”
I’m sorry I am not generally that blatant….but REALLY??? That is literally one of the STUPIDEST things EVER and I was going to let her know how I felt about it….not to mention I am exhausted & jet lagged & just overall irritated & over stressed, etc…..
Her reply was some mangled explanation that I just asked how to access internet… which I said….”Now don’t you think if I was asking about accessing internet I would be ACTUALLY accessing internet & would need ALL the information about HOW to access??”
Anyway, that is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of and I am not here long enough nor do I have the energy to fill out comment card…..
I can’t believe I mustered up the blog…but it deserved a blog….it really did

Electrical Issues

Posted: January 9, 2010 in airline, travel

Well if you are a somewhat devote follower of me on Twitter AgentDragonFly then you will know that in the last month I have had difficulty with electrical itmes in the UK………
#1—OLD flat Iron broke….but it was old so I didn’t think much of it, but…..I couldn’t find an exact replica so I bought what I thought to be even better….it heated up originally (while in UK, but then just died….it would turn on but not heat up)…….this situation happened with it’s replacement, as well– the following week
After those 2 trips to London I found a replicate of  ‘old flat iron’…..AND while in airport I spoke with people @ BrookStone & asked for BEST EVER CONVERTER not just ‘adapter’…….They suggested the follwing (which was what I was ALREADY using:
So I insisted on something a bit more heavy duty……and left with the following:

When I first arrived to my hotel rooom in UK this thing didn’t work AT ALL….but eventually it worked w/ computer & then it DID work w/ my flat iron……but after the flat ironing it started to smoke…..hmmm…
Right….well…..I unplugged everything & left for dinner…….when I came back I showered & washed hair which required flat ironing -once again-…le sigh……
So after this intense flat ironing session the ‘converter’ blew a fuse in the hotel room……
Since then said ‘converter’ doesn’t work AT ALL but it was finicky to begin with……..
So….yesterday (before I left for London) I thought I would buy a ‘travel’ surge protecter:
Um…at this point in the story I ALSO realize that I have NO idea how to seperate these pictures in order to coincide with different parts of the blog….so try to keep up……
Next comes my experience w/the traveling surge protector…….which basically is no experience at all due to it’s size & demand for a 3 prong outlet, or whtever:
By the way I while I was getting ready for work yesterday my OLD hairdryer blew up & I was blessed w/ a surprise FUCKING FAST ASS run to WalMart to buy a new hairdryer (with 1/2 wet hair….also it was DRY and fucked by the time I arrived back home…but whatever)—–
Anyway…..due to ALL my electrical issues this is now what my ‘styling space’ looks like in my hotel room—
NOTICE: I am not able to use a converter OR surge protecter & am just using the stupid simple ‘ADAPTER’ after ALL that……….
As long as nothing else blows up I don’t really care……..