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December has been a busy month….as it is for pretty much EVERYONE, I realize. I have actually been able to work A LOT…which has been GREAT and I suppose inspirational. It has been an extremely nice change from sitting and wondering if/ when and WHERE work will send me…..and actually just working. Working means I am out of town A LOT….which makes getting other things accomplished difficult, but it seems the more busy I am, lately…..the more I accomplish. I suppose that supports the statement “If you want something done….give it to a busy person” That statement is very true.
I have flown to Rio and back twice in the last 10 days…..having 2 days off…..1 being today. My last day off I went to store & then made several meals and sides to just heat up for my roommate and I, as I knew I would be working a lot but I still wanted to eat mostly home cooked meals.
Today, I got up ran errands, came home and promptly began working on cleaning the apartment. I cleaned EVERYTHING….
I cleaned ENTIRE bathroom, and if you saw the amount of products on the counters & in the shower of our bathroom you would realize this can be an extremely tedious task. I swept, I mopped…..I cleaned the kitchen…..I vacuumed. I washed AND folded (note the ALSO folded) the towels…..I washed and put sheets back on bed (with help of Jasper–cat). I washed all the floor mats around the house…..and did regular laundry. I even Windexed ALL the glass in the apartment.
The apartment feels AWESOME…..and so do I…..
Tomorrow I MAY bake cookies…..that is not definite yet, but I am thinking about it…..
Who knew it took going thru a divorce to turn me into such a homemaker….Crazy??! But hey….whatever works…..and I am happy….I feel happy….sure, stressed over stuff, but I am happy.
I suppose that is really the best present I have received over any Holiday, Birthday or whatever….in a really long time.
It is The Big Picture….but it is the little things that make it happen. For once I look to the New Year and instead of just praying and hoping it’s better….I almost know and feel it WILL be. I am/ have shed an unhealthy part of my life and I hope that leaves me open to absorb positive & amazing things that will continue to evolve through out the year.

DragonFly Get Away

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Well Saturday Mr. DragonFly and I headed to Martindale, TX to celebrate National Corn Dog day @ my friend’s farm:

I have been asked if this is a real Holiday….I’m not really sure, but let me google real quick….I guess it is: National Corndog Day
Well…it is more just an excuse to party and have fun…and eat corndogs. It was FREEZING but there was a small bonfire to keep us warm.
The next morning Mr. DragonFly & I packed up our stuff and headed to San Antonio for DragonFly getaway. While packing up I noticed that my friend’s cat had pooped on my coat…AWESOME. The coat spent the rest of the weekend in a plastic bag.
We stopped for food on our way out of Martindale and Mr. DragonFly noticed we had a flat tire. He was freaking out…but I just called AAA and they changed out our tire super fast….Mr DragonFly is in a constant state of angst when traveling….it is EXTREMELY annoying…
Once we arrived in San Antonio I showered and ended up taking a nap.After an hour of googling restaurants we went to dinner @ a Mexican restaurant that had Mariachi’s!!

I SOOO wanted to tell them it was Mr. DragonFly’s birthday, but I didn’t have any cash to give them….but next time I WILL be ready.
Also, the restaurant was in Market Square and there were all sorts of novelty items, including mexican Wrestling masks (which I am STILL regretting not buying). Luchadores Mexicanos
The restaurant was only about 4 blocks away from our hotel but somehow I managed to get us lost on the way home. Mr. DragonFly was getting frustrated…but I tried to point out it is important to see as much of the city as possible when traveling, even homeless people & dark alleys.
The next morning Mr. Dragonfly had to go to a trade show, while I attempted more sleep. Our room did not have a ‘Do not Disturb’ thingie to put out so I made one out of paper. I was awoken to the maid LITERALLY banging on my door until I opened the door….and she then said she just wanted to let me know she replaced my do not disturb sign with a real one. Um…thanks but you just totally disturbed me to tell me that.
I ended up having to make a ‘Wifey’ appearance @ the trade show and shmooz with the guys in Marketing….I like schmoozing and am pretty good @ it so it wasn’t too bad. Mr. DragonFly even said I should be in Marketing and that I make it easier on him b/c I do all the schmoozing for him. Yay Me!! Good at something!
So the trade show was pretty boring but Mr. DragonFly did ALL the graphics for his company’s kick ass booth and I was REALLY impressed….I guess he has some skillz.
The way home sucked and was boring. We took turns singing to really shitty songs on the radio and sometimes arguing… about when I told him to go right and he went left and it took us an extra 30 mins to get back on track. I guess Mr. DragonFly doesn’t know the whole catchy ‘Never Eat Sour Watermelons’ thing to help you remember your directions. We live EAST of San Antonio…not WEST…
Anyway, that was DragonFly Get Away. In a sort of thrown up type blog.

In case you were wondering where I was yesterday…I was curled up in my bed pretending the rest of the world & one person, in particular, did NOT exist. No need to go into details, but this person drinks A LOT and usually just passes out, but sometimes he acts like a weirdo, which turns into acting like a FUCKING ASSHOLE and it makes me sad.
(On a side note…..this person is actually a very good person….who just needs to work thru some issues….but yeah he needs to work through those issues….or well….it will be more than a blog, that’s for sure)
Sometimes it is hard for me to get out of bed even when I haven’t been emotionally drained & had too much to drink the night before…..I can’t remember the last time I woke up and was actually excited to start the day….
I mean I am sure all of you can relate— and I appreciate what I do have in my life, but I feel like I am in a stagnant un inspiring place and have been in a REALLY long time. I don’t feel passionate about anything and although I LOVE my job there is definitely a part of it that is INSANELY stagnant and EXTREMELY frustrating…..I will spare you…plus it’s confusing & probably (make that IS) boring.
Anyway….back to where I was– so yeah…..I set up Camp DragonFly in the other room and Sasha & I slept there. When I woke up I tried to eat but didn’t feel like……I didn’t feel like anything….I just felt like being asleep where my dreams make me smile no matter how crazy. So I took some xanax & when back to sleep……
I REALLY didn’t feel like it, but I end up showering, @ some point b/c I had a hair appt today & I seriously looked like a greasy haired junkie that had been begging @ the side of the road. I don’t mind going to my appt w/ dirty hair, but I draw the line @ looking homeless… I did in fact shower……but then I went back to bed….I tried watching TV but TV sucks… I took more xanax & some Lunesta & went to sleep (around 830pm). Oh, around 130am or so I woke up b/c Mr. DragonFly walked thru the room smelling like an ashtray & it sucked AND woke me up….he left & went back to other room though.
Since I was awake I decided to read a little from my book about cockateils & what to do w/ the Yiska egg situation… didn’t say much but I am going to follow all the advice I have been given & see how things go.

Today I have been productive…..I got up early– I mean for God’s sakes I went to bed @ 830pm….but I HAD to clean b/c my cousin comes tomorrow and really the house needs to be cleaned. Sasha also got a bath and I ran a few errands…..
My cousin doesn’t get in until late tomorrow night but I am having a biopsy in the morning & from what I hear it hurts so i am guessing I will be laying low tomorrow, but we’ll see….maybe it won’t hurt that bad.

This is a lot for me to share w/ pretty much anyone…..and don’t ask me about what the biopsy is for I don’t like to get into details of medical stuff…..I will just let you know how things turn out….I am guessing it will be ok.

Like I said I am doing better today and I am trying to get back to my usual persona…..but sort of needed to get this out of my system and I guess let you know where I was (physically & mentally)……
Ok….almost done cleaning bathroom then I am going to chill w/ some vino & do whatever the FUCK I want for a couple of hours.

Morning BB session w/ Mr. DragonFly….sometimes he sort of is ok…well sweet….Ok…I appreciate him, right now (oh me in shaded white…him in shaded blue)

Yeah….some of you saw this already…..but anyway…….

Dallas Cowgirls/ Boys……

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Mr. DragonFly: “CowGirls got their ass kicked”
Me: “What?….Are we talking about football??”
Mr. DragonFly: “sigh…yeah….”
Me: “Don’t you have someone else to talk to about this??”
Mr. DragonFly: “Well I already made fun of your cousin all day yesterday”
Me “Well….maybe you should make more friends”