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I will blog about things besides NO SLEEP
I will post a blog about My Not so settling, but Eventually funny experience– IN NARNIA with one of my most AWESOMEST friends, BrianEasley

As for now……there is Breaking GunFire in Egypt, on the news–here, in Brazil….pretty sure that’s been breaking for days

I ate a scrumptious Brazilian meal earlier, from a buffet, down the street from Sao Paulo Hotel: Golden Tulip
Restaurant A Mereinda

I think that covers things for the evening……maybe, probably…..
Be Back, soon……

Wow…..been soo busy…COMPLETELY forgot about even thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.
1. Worked to Caracas, Venezuela
2. Spent a week in Cozumel (day after work)
3. Day after Cozumel worked to Rio
4. ONE day off
5. BACK to Rio
6. 2 days off
7. Buenos Aries over XMas
8. 1 day off
9. go to work and after 2 hrs of sitting there go to Seattle and back (red eye)—- then when I got in, @8am, had
to go BACK to airport SAME night
10. after ending that assignment I had to go to London 11hrs later

1. Day after London trip…….had to go to court and finalize divorce (uber early in morning)
2. 1 day off
3. then worked to Sao Paulo
4. 1 day off
5. back to Buenos Aries
6. next day Interview for promotion
7. (same day as interview) 4 days off but with friend in town–fun, but still draining
8. work….luckily was able to tackle many aspects of tax return filing during this work period
9. back to Sao Paulo (tomorrow….1/19/2011)

In the meantime, just trying to take care of things… divorce paperwork, court, getting house up for sale…..and even interviewing for a promotion.
OMG…..for people in the ‘normal’ business world this may not seem stressful, but for me!! OMG….I haven’t worked on resume, or EVEN thought of updating resume!!! Aaaahhhh!!!
So……OMG…..yes, I WAS able to complete EVERYTHING: Application….reference letters, and updated resume. I was lacking in interview update skills and was EXHAUSTED, so VERY NOT sure how I did…..I will keep you updated.
Been somewhat obsessed about how I did, in interview, but have also resolved myself to if I get the promotion it is meant to be….if not…..another time will be better, when I am more prepared, perhaps– BUT I DO hope I receive the promotion.

New Year’s Resolution: Move on in a positive direction……..not so much defining specific goals. Being a better, more positive and giving person in all aspects of my life and hoping that the strong and difficult decisions I made towards the end of last year will serve me well…..and perhaps lift a burden that allows me to be more open to amazing opportunities and seeing the world in a different light.

December has been a busy month….as it is for pretty much EVERYONE, I realize. I have actually been able to work A LOT…which has been GREAT and I suppose inspirational. It has been an extremely nice change from sitting and wondering if/ when and WHERE work will send me…..and actually just working. Working means I am out of town A LOT….which makes getting other things accomplished difficult, but it seems the more busy I am, lately…..the more I accomplish. I suppose that supports the statement “If you want something done….give it to a busy person” That statement is very true.
I have flown to Rio and back twice in the last 10 days…..having 2 days off…..1 being today. My last day off I went to store & then made several meals and sides to just heat up for my roommate and I, as I knew I would be working a lot but I still wanted to eat mostly home cooked meals.
Today, I got up ran errands, came home and promptly began working on cleaning the apartment. I cleaned EVERYTHING….
I cleaned ENTIRE bathroom, and if you saw the amount of products on the counters & in the shower of our bathroom you would realize this can be an extremely tedious task. I swept, I mopped…..I cleaned the kitchen…..I vacuumed. I washed AND folded (note the ALSO folded) the towels…..I washed and put sheets back on bed (with help of Jasper–cat). I washed all the floor mats around the house…..and did regular laundry. I even Windexed ALL the glass in the apartment.
The apartment feels AWESOME…..and so do I…..
Tomorrow I MAY bake cookies…..that is not definite yet, but I am thinking about it…..
Who knew it took going thru a divorce to turn me into such a homemaker….Crazy??! But hey….whatever works…..and I am happy….I feel happy….sure, stressed over stuff, but I am happy.
I suppose that is really the best present I have received over any Holiday, Birthday or whatever….in a really long time.
It is The Big Picture….but it is the little things that make it happen. For once I look to the New Year and instead of just praying and hoping it’s better….I almost know and feel it WILL be. I am/ have shed an unhealthy part of my life and I hope that leaves me open to absorb positive & amazing things that will continue to evolve through out the year.