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Well to begin w/ work kept trying to give me crappy assignments in which I had to report before 11am which is WAY earlier than my normal wake up & they were TOTAL BS assignments anyway so I was like “fuck this can I just take the day off” so that happened Friday & Saturday. Nothing else productive happened as a result except that Mr. DragonFly & I went to see Avatar on Saturday. I think I was still drunk when I woke up and I was getting in trouble for tweeting in my PJs and checking on my blog when I was supposed to be ready to leave for the movie in 10 mins…..but whatever. We got to the movie early…..we went to the Movie Tavern and saw Avatar in 3D and I have to say I REALLY liked it. (Aside from the fact that Mr. D does 3D animation for a living so there was a lot of me going “ALRIGHT ALREADY” Like when they were walking thru the forest and passing the leaves (which was like 90% of the movie)…..I had to hear….”look when they pass the leaves…..Did you see that??” Uh…yeah…..
So anyway… is NOT easy for me to sit thru ANY movie so that was kind a feat….and it was a fun experience and I liked that the guy ended up turning into a Noni or whatever. My favorite part was when he said things are turned around and my dreams seem more like reality….b/c like forever ago…..I coined the phrase “Dreams are my faovrite Reality” so I totally got it…and now I want to live with the Noni’s or just dream forever in my bizarre subconscience.
Not much else to report about the weekend other than that…….There was some Competitive PS3 Buzz Trivia World that went on……but yeah…..that hasn’t made the news, YET…..
Right now I moved to Camp DragonFly b/c Mr. DragonFly was getting on my nerves but I am almost out of champagne so I might move soon…or just get more champagne & come back……
Sasha has shoveled out a nest next to me & speaking of I have to go check on Mamma Yiska….see Yiska Lays An Egg
Yiska laying an egg was funny @ first but not so much anymore….and let’s hope this is the last of this…….
Fuck Yiska just laid another fucking egg…..SERIOUSLY…..I am going to put the following poster next to her cage—–
And fuck all of you that know about photo shop…..I only have fucking stupid ass paint & NO SKILLZ so this was the BEST I could do especially b/c rough night and the champagners & all… there:

Ok… are alll caught up on the weekend, I think…….CHEERS

Alright…I know that those of you that follow me on Twitter are FOR SURE sick of this….but seriously…..when you have a bird for 4yrs and EVEN the Vet says he’s a boy this is a shocking discovery. I will be referring to her as he….b/c it is less confusing (for me)
So yeah….today I was just minding my own business & went to make an espresso & looked over @ Yiska (who is a Cockateil bird). I noticed he was all fluffed up and sitting really low on the top of his cage. I mean he will sit fluffed up on occasion which is usually a good sign (for birds– I don’t really know why…it means they are happy or something) but he was sitting REALLY low and it just seemed odd.
So I went to scratch his neck (b/c birds LOVE that shit…especially Yiska) and he jumped up and freaked out and it was then that I discovered a FUCKING egg!!!!

I was (still am) in COMPLETE DISBELIEF!!! I mean WTF??!!
Anyway……I finally got Yiska off the top of his cage & took the egg…..I felt wrong & I felt bad…but it’s not like it’s going to be fertilized or anything…..THANK GOD…..and so really I had to take it.
At first Yiska was kind of pissed but I gave him all kinds of new food & cleaned the top of the cage so he seems happy again…..not sure if there will be future egg laying…..I will keep you posted.
SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK!!! I may NEVER get over this….he might be a Transsexual??! My mom was encouraging by saying not EVERYONE has a transsexual bird…..True, true…..and I love him/ her ALL the same

Morning BB session w/ Mr. DragonFly….sometimes he sort of is ok…well sweet….Ok…I appreciate him, right now (oh me in shaded white…him in shaded blue)

Yeah….some of you saw this already…..but anyway…….

Dallas Cowgirls/ Boys……

Posted: January 18, 2010 in household, marriage, sports

Mr. DragonFly: “CowGirls got their ass kicked”
Me: “What?….Are we talking about football??”
Mr. DragonFly: “sigh…yeah….”
Me: “Don’t you have someone else to talk to about this??”
Mr. DragonFly: “Well I already made fun of your cousin all day yesterday”
Me “Well….maybe you should make more friends”

Perry Farrell…the Fly Trap

Posted: January 17, 2010 in household

In case you don’t know, or don’t remember, I bought a Venus Fly Trap in December and I named him Perry Farrell. He is doing really well in his new home…especially considering it is Winter and they are considered dormant during the winter months. He has been growing lots of new litle baby traps….one was named ‘Elton John’ by JoanofArse.
Because it’s winter he mostly eats the dead flies I bought on line when I order him…..he will eat more live bugs when there are more around.
Anyway, Perry gets fed about once a week and this week my cousin was here to record it. We only used her camera phone to record so not best recording….better recordings to come, but here is video debut:

Lunchmeat Debate

Posted: January 13, 2010 in household, Uncategorized

Yes, the ‘Grocery list’ AGAIN……and I can’t promise it will be the last time you see this…..
but today when I was going down the list & writing it down I came to the following:

In case you can’t read it– “More lunchmeat b/c someone said they ONLY liked Oven Roasted Turkey”
I don’t know……….

Le Groceries…le Sigh

Posted: January 6, 2010 in household, random, Uncategorized

Well, b/c I have literally not been in town for more than about 24hrs since Dec. 18th—-I haven’t been grocery shopping…..but have been adding things to list…..

I just took a gander @ the list and apparently OLIVE OIL was VERY important when I added that….(even though we have a little left)…..and I also noticed that after TP (toilet paper) I added AGAIN….as if it was exhausting and not a recurring item to begin with??