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Well….Tuesday, (May 3), was one of my ALL time favorite people’s birthday!! Deborah Gee– Absolutely LOVE her….she is an amazing friend who ADORES food and great wine, as well. I can ALWAYS count on her to go to the best places around — WELL….anywhere in the WORLD, actually.
We talk ALL the time, but our schedules seldom allow us to actually get together, but it did work out perfectly this week and we were able to visit Bootsie’s Cafe
It was FABULOUS! We indulged in a 9 course tasting….and I also included the wine/ beer pairing for each course (since I was not driving)
Here is the menu of what we scrupulously devoured:

The Waitress, was so fabulous and was nice enough to write down each wine/ beer that was ‘paired’ with each item…very sweet
We began with the Canape and I fell IN LOVE with the white chocolate cured beets… could you NOT??
After that began the actual courses with pairings…..Which began great fun!
First we started with Pig’s Heart…..which neither of us had had before, but it was actually quite tasty….although I wouldn’t eat an entire ‘plate’ of it….but mostly I think that is the mental block issue…..
All entrees were beautifully presented (forgive my camera phone—not THE BEST):

After that we moved on to some FABULOUS Pole Beans:

The Beans were TO DIE FOR… fabulous….but I adore beans, so that is just me….actually NO….you WOULD LOVE THEM
next we eagerly anticipated the Ravioli of Hill Country Rabbit….and were NOT disappointed

Mmmmm…..and next came….. 3rd Coast BarrelFish:

Carrot Puree….YES, Please!!!
Oi….This is a long blog…..SOO much food, but so worth it….I know you are jealous….but stay tuned…..because the fabulous continues
The Quail…..I think THIS was my favorite….EVERYTHING was delicious, but this was something I enjoyed greatly
I KNOW…..but guess what….we still have THREE more dishes!!!
Roasted Pork Belly:
Desert Courses……
I do not generally indulge in sweets…..I eat enough other stuff and drink my sugar with wine…..but you should not pass up the creations that were created for our menu–
Apples Poached in Centennial Hops:
Ok….LAST dish….and I wish there had been MORE!
Devil’s food Cake:
The Entire evening was absolutely something out of something you WISH you could enjoy….The food was something MORE people should seek out and taste….the atmosphere was low key and casual yet STILL absolutely above just the general publics’ expectations. The staff was wonderful, attentive….. and the tasting/ pairing/ ambiance/ staff……were a perfect combination of an evening that you wish would happen more when you venture out.
We had SUCH a GREAT time we convinced the chefs and staff to take a picture with us: