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So…all last week up until today I was happy and carefree….on vacation….not doing anything….just staying in a hotel, and having a TIME OUT from work and the fucking house I live in, with my ex husband. That all ended today…..I had to leave the hotel and come back to Casa DragonFly and it is really fucking annoying. I didn’t realize how insanely unhappy I am here, until I was able to leave and then had to come back. It is really absolute TORTURE.
I mean I left my ex husband in October and we were officially divorced January 3rd and yet we still have to cohabit-ate in this fucking house….. It is MISERABLE.
It could be worse….we kind of get along…..but trust me, it couldn’t get much worse– especially with not knowing when we can get out of this place. Neither of us can move on….physically, or mentally.
Whatever I have done, whether in this life or a past life…..I PROMISE this torture is FAR beyond any paybacks…..I think I am all squared away on punishment for the rest of my life.
This day sucks because it is HOT HOT HOT here and that alone is life sucking…..I already had to take a nap, and even Sasha doesn’t want to move.
After that I did run a few errands and received a check in the mail…..well with my new Droid phone I ‘can’ make deposits via phone….but my fucking camera phone sucks sooooo fucking bad that EVERY picture I ever take comes out blurry….so after spending about 45mins on this project I gave up……then bitched about it for another 20mins.
I have done laundry and am pretty much packed to go out of town tomorrow….and yes, that will be nice….I get to leave Casa DragonFly again……but what would also be nice is having my own god damn place and WANTING to be home.
*SIGH* Also, I think I am PMSing so that is not helping any of this.
Anyway…..I am opening a bottle of vino and perhaps that will lift my ‘spirits’…..I hope so….because seriously….this place just makes me feel stabby and want to sleep forever :’-(
Somebody PLEASE buy this house already