Freshman English 1992

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I was going thru old paperwork, the other night….I ran across a journal my freshman English professor gave us, as an assignment. I have NO clue how it has stayed with me all these years, while many other things never made it through my nomadic lifestyle, but it did.
I don’t recall the last time I even saw it, but I found it the other night and looked thru it.
Some of it was pretty good….and some of it sucked…mostly it left me thinking that I am way better at writing on pen and paper than I am with a computer?? No clue why, really….. But what also leads me to believe this is I have been carrying around a journal for most of the year and it has some extremely interesting thoughts that definitely are way better than anything I ever publicly express, but I can’t be that open….I think I am pretty open, but not that open. I am actually pretty shy.
I suck at blogging, I think we can all agree on that…..but that’s ok….whatever….
Anyway…..I scanned my last entry…..I seem surprised I would enjoy writing in a journal. That sort of reminded me that growing up I was insanely into art and would draw, paint, pastel, whatever…..and when I got to college I had the shittiest art professor ever and now I never draw….etc…. Well, I paint….but I lack passion— and talent.
So….if you are a professor….I guess you do make an impression, keep that in mind. Not that the Art World is missing out on me….just strange how my outlet was influenced??
Also….it is interesting he didn’t grade me on me actually putting Grammar rules to use….
English journal 1992001

  1. Sara says:

    I would give you an A+ just because your hand-writing is so amazing! I LOVE going back and looking at old writing stuff – fun that you found this 🙂 love you!

  2. Ugh….that was practically— or WAS, actually my high school handwriting….it was still the early stages of what I have developed as my own ‘font’— lol…and LOVE YOU!! xx

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