Reasons I need my own place

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why I NEED my own place:
2. I do NOT need to deal with other people’s drama…..for a period of time, at least— and possibly EVER, after all this
3. I can spend my ZERO money on ME and not feel in debt to others…..nor will someone (a husband ask for shit)
4. I like things clean & organized…..I want to come back to that. On RARE occasions I do not care about organization I still know where shit is, and WILL organize it
5. I am handy…..I have a tool kit and know how to fix things better than pretty much anyone I have lived with since 2 people in NYC
—- for instance: MrD installed new shower head the other day….since then LOW LOW water pressure. Being determined I fixed it tonight. He never would have gotten around to it….and would have blamed shower head making a useless trip to Target for return, only to end up same
6. I can watch, or NOT watch, what I want when I want or not
7. I don’t have to be quiet and I don’t have to deal w/ someone who is NOT quiet and thinks it’s fine to talk in my ear while I am on the phone….or talk loudly while I am trying to sleep in between working
8. I don’t have to take care of ANYONE, but ME and my lovely Sasha……
9. I can listen to music and just stare and think about how amazing this moment is and how long I waited for it

To Be Continued………

  1. Claire says:

    I really hope that this sitch with your ex ahem the house gets dealt with asap. everyone deserves their own space. it’s about time you got yours!

  2. Thank you….I have CERTAINLY put in my dues, already….GAWD :-/

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