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Reasons I need my own place

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why I NEED my own place:
2. I do NOT need to deal with other people’s drama…..for a period of time, at least— and possibly EVER, after all this
3. I can spend my ZERO money on ME and not feel in debt to others…..nor will someone (a husband ask for shit)
4. I like things clean & organized…..I want to come back to that. On RARE occasions I do not care about organization I still know where shit is, and WILL organize it
5. I am handy…..I have a tool kit and know how to fix things better than pretty much anyone I have lived with since 2 people in NYC
—- for instance: MrD installed new shower head the other day….since then LOW LOW water pressure. Being determined I fixed it tonight. He never would have gotten around to it….and would have blamed shower head making a useless trip to Target for return, only to end up same
6. I can watch, or NOT watch, what I want when I want or not
7. I don’t have to be quiet and I don’t have to deal w/ someone who is NOT quiet and thinks it’s fine to talk in my ear while I am on the phone….or talk loudly while I am trying to sleep in between working
8. I don’t have to take care of ANYONE, but ME and my lovely Sasha……
9. I can listen to music and just stare and think about how amazing this moment is and how long I waited for it

To Be Continued………