Things to look forward to….

Posted: February 2, 2011 in blog site, inspiration, not that interesting, random, travel, Uncategorized

I will blog about things besides NO SLEEP
I will post a blog about My Not so settling, but Eventually funny experience– IN NARNIA with one of my most AWESOMEST friends, BrianEasley

As for now……there is Breaking GunFire in Egypt, on the news–here, in Brazil….pretty sure that’s been breaking for days

I ate a scrumptious Brazilian meal earlier, from a buffet, down the street from Sao Paulo Hotel: Golden Tulip
Restaurant A Mereinda

I think that covers things for the evening……maybe, probably…..
Be Back, soon……

  1. Gorillamonk says:

    thanks for the food porn

  2. I will work on providing more JUST for YOU…..

  3. Claire says:

    i want more food porn

    and i wanna know what you do at work hahaha

    food spy

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