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Wow…..been soo busy…COMPLETELY forgot about even thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.
1. Worked to Caracas, Venezuela
2. Spent a week in Cozumel (day after work)
3. Day after Cozumel worked to Rio
4. ONE day off
5. BACK to Rio
6. 2 days off
7. Buenos Aries over XMas
8. 1 day off
9. go to work and after 2 hrs of sitting there go to Seattle and back (red eye)—- then when I got in, @8am, had
to go BACK to airport SAME night
10. after ending that assignment I had to go to London 11hrs later

1. Day after London trip…….had to go to court and finalize divorce (uber early in morning)
2. 1 day off
3. then worked to Sao Paulo
4. 1 day off
5. back to Buenos Aries
6. next day Interview for promotion
7. (same day as interview) 4 days off but with friend in town–fun, but still draining
8. work….luckily was able to tackle many aspects of tax return filing during this work period
9. back to Sao Paulo (tomorrow….1/19/2011)

In the meantime, just trying to take care of things… divorce paperwork, court, getting house up for sale…..and even interviewing for a promotion.
OMG…..for people in the ‘normal’ business world this may not seem stressful, but for me!! OMG….I haven’t worked on resume, or EVEN thought of updating resume!!! Aaaahhhh!!!
So……OMG…..yes, I WAS able to complete EVERYTHING: Application….reference letters, and updated resume. I was lacking in interview update skills and was EXHAUSTED, so VERY NOT sure how I did…..I will keep you updated.
Been somewhat obsessed about how I did, in interview, but have also resolved myself to if I get the promotion it is meant to be….if not…..another time will be better, when I am more prepared, perhaps– BUT I DO hope I receive the promotion.

New Year’s Resolution: Move on in a positive direction……..not so much defining specific goals. Being a better, more positive and giving person in all aspects of my life and hoping that the strong and difficult decisions I made towards the end of last year will serve me well…..and perhaps lift a burden that allows me to be more open to amazing opportunities and seeing the world in a different light.

SERIOUSLY!! I GET it…NO ONE is ever ‘prepared’ to have kids, but fuck if you MAKE the choice under less than ideal circumstances that is your problem…SORRY.
1) the world is WAY over populated…..
-natural resources being depleted and fought over daily
-Government feels compelled to step in offering assistance to those that can NOT afford the children they bear
a) AWESOME the rest of us pay more taxes to make up for what you consider to be perhaps a ‘blessed gift’
b) this ‘blessed gift’ costs LOTS of us more in taxes for programs that support your ‘Well fuck It happens…decision’
c) then you carry on feeling ‘Hey look I have a baby’…I am now excused from anyone else’s time management as I coral 1-4 children…..gather sippy cups, back packs and shoes together, not to mention….not even knowing how to work your car seat.
Pull it together…..seriously….there are other people in the world. I GET YES…..children are a fabulous gift for many people….but for a GREAT many……they are a way of making their own life have purpose. I freaking read the status updates, the blogs, the non stop stories on the plane…….The pleading moms…..Um apple juice, please (frazzled and without sippy cups)
I think by now everyone knows how I feel about having my own children…..NO!!!!
If you DO have children… prepared…would you apply for a job you hadn’t researched?? YES…OK…I KNOW…..hands on experience takes time…and I am understanding, but YOU need to GET that you are oblivious and taking from those around you.
I was at the grocery store and this ridiculous….”HI, I have a baby in a big ass car fun shopping cart was taking up the ENTIRE aisle. I seemed to be patiently waiting……meanwhile….her husband noticed I was also trying to complete my shopping experience and SHE AND CHILD in the way…..he was softly moving her forward while she wooed over ‘I am a mom and baby is doing ‘whatever’
After he considerably and patiently moved her, she bitched at him saying I was looking for something and you are pushing me forward.
I wanted to say to her (and in defense to her polite husband)….He had the ability to notice their is a world beyond yourself and although you have a child OTHER people ALSO need to finish their grocery shopping… just move the fuck out of the way for 5 seconds b/c that is what it will take me against your…..I have a baby and I need everyone to think FOR ME now shopping skills.
I sort of forgot where I was going with this
Except that I also think that Invetro Twins, triplets etc…..are off setting what seems to be natural selection in ATTEMPTING to discontinue OVER population and draw more from the few resources we have left.
This Generation MULTIPLE Baby b/c we really probably shouldn’t have any in the first place, generation I HOPE will be REALLY good at bringing recycling our NOW natural resources….and perhaps they will be able to eat meals, like Pot Roast in Pill Form, like the Jetsons…..
Good Luck…..I won’t be here and I won’t be adding anything to this exponential outrage.
Ok………That is all