Unexpected Holiday Inspiration

Posted: December 21, 2010 in household, inspiration, marriage

December has been a busy month….as it is for pretty much EVERYONE, I realize. I have actually been able to work A LOT…which has been GREAT and I suppose inspirational. It has been an extremely nice change from sitting and wondering if/ when and WHERE work will send me…..and actually just working. Working means I am out of town A LOT….which makes getting other things accomplished difficult, but it seems the more busy I am, lately…..the more I accomplish. I suppose that supports the statement “If you want something done….give it to a busy person” That statement is very true.
I have flown to Rio and back twice in the last 10 days…..having 2 days off…..1 being today. My last day off I went to store & then made several meals and sides to just heat up for my roommate and I, as I knew I would be working a lot but I still wanted to eat mostly home cooked meals.
Today, I got up ran errands, came home and promptly began working on cleaning the apartment. I cleaned EVERYTHING….
I cleaned ENTIRE bathroom, and if you saw the amount of products on the counters & in the shower of our bathroom you would realize this can be an extremely tedious task. I swept, I mopped…..I cleaned the kitchen…..I vacuumed. I washed AND folded (note the ALSO folded) the towels…..I washed and put sheets back on bed (with help of Jasper–cat). I washed all the floor mats around the house…..and did regular laundry. I even Windexed ALL the glass in the apartment.
The apartment feels AWESOME…..and so do I…..
Tomorrow I MAY bake cookies…..that is not definite yet, but I am thinking about it…..
Who knew it took going thru a divorce to turn me into such a homemaker….Crazy??! But hey….whatever works…..and I am happy….I feel happy….sure, stressed over stuff, but I am happy.
I suppose that is really the best present I have received over any Holiday, Birthday or whatever….in a really long time.
It is The Big Picture….but it is the little things that make it happen. For once I look to the New Year and instead of just praying and hoping it’s better….I almost know and feel it WILL be. I am/ have shed an unhealthy part of my life and I hope that leaves me open to absorb positive & amazing things that will continue to evolve through out the year.

  1. Gorillamonk says:

    while you’re on this whirlwind clean up, want to clean my apartment?

  2. LOL….no more time…sorry….
    Hey….where the hell are you?? You have been MIA

  3. diverbh says:


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