This Cup Could Probably Save the World

Posted: December 2, 2010 in household, random, stupid shit, things you don't really want to know about me

Ok….maybe that is not completely true….or at all true, but seriously….this is by far my favorite cup EVER. I do have some sort of thing about favorite cups and glasses…..I am not sure why….it is just one of my things. For instance if I DO make coffee I like to use my favorite coffee mug….if it is not available I carefully choose what I consider to be the next best choice?? The coffee will still taste the same in whichever mug, but the ‘right’ mug makes the experience happier and more fun?? IDK
Ok….so this brings me to my cup, that I ADORE……and maybe to pretty much everyone it is ‘just a cup’ and whatever, but to me… is THE BEST EVER.
I drink LOTs of water ALL day so I like BIG cups…..and for some reason this year I have developed a liking to having ice in my water……not many other things….just water. I think b/c it is so fucking hot here. Anyway……so my issue with ALL other cups is that the ice water makes the cup sweat and no matter how many napkins I put under the cup, it still makes a mess…..and even if that problem was solved….the entire cup is sweaty, which I find annoying.
On my daily trip to Target, the other day, I made finding the perfect cup a top priority and I FOUND IT. It is FREAKING AWESOME. It holds LOTS of water and DOESN’T sweat and is insulated to keep water cold. It even has a bottle opener that is incognito on the bottom of the handle.
I know….this may sound ridiculous to you, but I don’t care…..I LOVE ‘Cup’ and even if it is not currently ‘Saving the World’ it probably could, if given the chance. Or maybe not, but it makes me happy so YEAH…..

  1. frankzzz says:

    Not a weard habbit Dragon…..we”all have our little specialities…like wich fork or knife we gonna choose for diner, wich glass , wich dish..and so on…it’s only human. Sometimes life suck’s , and indeed, drinking water from your favourite cup can make the difference between happyness and depression….;))

  2. Morticia626 says:

    Has cup met lamp?

  3. diverbh says:

    I’ll bet Cup also frowns on poor Sasha’s dog sweater.

  4. gorillamonk says:

    does Cup have an item number so that I may purchase and peruse it’s twin? Like you, I have a mighty thirst for water. but, I care less if the cup sweats. I sweat, and if it’s anything like me, it SHOULD sweat. I think I need one of those cups in my life.

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