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December has been a busy month….as it is for pretty much EVERYONE, I realize. I have actually been able to work A LOT…which has been GREAT and I suppose inspirational. It has been an extremely nice change from sitting and wondering if/ when and WHERE work will send me…..and actually just working. Working means I am out of town A LOT….which makes getting other things accomplished difficult, but it seems the more busy I am, lately…..the more I accomplish. I suppose that supports the statement “If you want something done….give it to a busy person” That statement is very true.
I have flown to Rio and back twice in the last 10 days…..having 2 days off…..1 being today. My last day off I went to store & then made several meals and sides to just heat up for my roommate and I, as I knew I would be working a lot but I still wanted to eat mostly home cooked meals.
Today, I got up ran errands, came home and promptly began working on cleaning the apartment. I cleaned EVERYTHING….
I cleaned ENTIRE bathroom, and if you saw the amount of products on the counters & in the shower of our bathroom you would realize this can be an extremely tedious task. I swept, I mopped…..I cleaned the kitchen…..I vacuumed. I washed AND folded (note the ALSO folded) the towels…..I washed and put sheets back on bed (with help of Jasper–cat). I washed all the floor mats around the house…..and did regular laundry. I even Windexed ALL the glass in the apartment.
The apartment feels AWESOME…..and so do I…..
Tomorrow I MAY bake cookies…..that is not definite yet, but I am thinking about it…..
Who knew it took going thru a divorce to turn me into such a homemaker….Crazy??! But hey….whatever works…..and I am happy….I feel happy….sure, stressed over stuff, but I am happy.
I suppose that is really the best present I have received over any Holiday, Birthday or whatever….in a really long time.
It is The Big Picture….but it is the little things that make it happen. For once I look to the New Year and instead of just praying and hoping it’s better….I almost know and feel it WILL be. I am/ have shed an unhealthy part of my life and I hope that leaves me open to absorb positive & amazing things that will continue to evolve through out the year.

I’m in Rio…
I Have HIGH HOPES for Rio…..and Brazil, that they get their shit together before the Olympics.
This is my EXTREME Close Up to ONE of the ‘Favellas’…..infamous for gun shots……muggings, kidnapping, drugs, and other sorted excitement.
Sometimes I like to open my balcony door and listen to the waves……I am skipping that this trip and keeping curtains closed…..not that curtains are bullet proof. And not that I ‘REALLY’ think I will be hit by a stray bullet…..but…..I think I have taken enough chances in life 😉
Anywho……I am still glad I am here…..I had a nice dinner and flew with good people and NO drama… all good December….still a THUMBS UP….so far

Ok….maybe that is not completely true….or at all true, but seriously….this is by far my favorite cup EVER. I do have some sort of thing about favorite cups and glasses…..I am not sure why….it is just one of my things. For instance if I DO make coffee I like to use my favorite coffee mug….if it is not available I carefully choose what I consider to be the next best choice?? The coffee will still taste the same in whichever mug, but the ‘right’ mug makes the experience happier and more fun?? IDK
Ok….so this brings me to my cup, that I ADORE……and maybe to pretty much everyone it is ‘just a cup’ and whatever, but to me… is THE BEST EVER.
I drink LOTs of water ALL day so I like BIG cups…..and for some reason this year I have developed a liking to having ice in my water……not many other things….just water. I think b/c it is so fucking hot here. Anyway……so my issue with ALL other cups is that the ice water makes the cup sweat and no matter how many napkins I put under the cup, it still makes a mess…..and even if that problem was solved….the entire cup is sweaty, which I find annoying.
On my daily trip to Target, the other day, I made finding the perfect cup a top priority and I FOUND IT. It is FREAKING AWESOME. It holds LOTS of water and DOESN’T sweat and is insulated to keep water cold. It even has a bottle opener that is incognito on the bottom of the handle.
I know….this may sound ridiculous to you, but I don’t care…..I LOVE ‘Cup’ and even if it is not currently ‘Saving the World’ it probably could, if given the chance. Or maybe not, but it makes me happy so YEAH…..