When Shower Heads Attack

Posted: March 21, 2010 in buzz/ drunk blogging, fucked up shit, things you don't really want to know about me

Yeah….well I am sort of a HUGE fan of the ‘Shower Head’ method of ya know….
and when I was in Honolulu the hotel has a kick ass shower massage…but a little rough…..
Problem is I also I also take Pristiq (anti depressent) which basically can be like torture b/c then Climaxes are not always quite so Climatic….
I have a problem with being determined…and after an hr. (or so) I was STILL tormenting my lady bit…..
Finally I gave up mostly b/c I had to get ready for work….and this excess hr in the shower left me running behind
Anywho…this was last week and for the last week I have been wearing skirts w/ no undies b/c I kid you not I think I bruised my clit! WTF!!! This is not even funny..I know it sounds funny, but it is NOT….
I will not go into further detail but the shit hurts…and b/c it is not getting better I am thinking about going to my dr…..
That will be fun…..well I basically spent an hr with the shower head beating down & bruising myself……
so yeah…that is where I am at…..

  1. NikkiMoi says:

    Babe, I have three words for you: Hitachi Magic Wand.

  2. Too funny!

    Good luck at the doctor’s office. How do you plan to explain the situation?

    At least nothing’s broken off and stuck in your behind.

  3. I finally got a chance to read this…


    I shall reserve my comments, waiting for the screen play.

    no really… WTF…

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