Junk In The Trunk

Posted: February 4, 2010 in buzz/ drunk blogging, random

So…. Mr. DragonFly and I are watching TMZ and then OF COURSE Kim Kardashian was mentioned & OF COURSE they had to talk about her ass….and I turned to Mr. D and was like what is the deal with guys liking big asses?? Because REALLY I am SOO CURIOUS!! I even asked him if he liked girls w/ big asses…and he rolled his eyes and responded by saying:
Mr. D: What do I always tell you I like in a woman?
Me: tight pussies (but I am kidding b/c he really doesn’t say that)
Mr. D: *rolls eyes*
Me: Ok…..Ok…..you like pale women
Mr. D: *makes motion around lip and chin*
Me: Oh pale people w/ beards!!
Mr. D: I like jaws & chins retard…I mean tits and asses are good, too…..but not like a huge ass just a cute one…..
Me: Well, what is the deal with the ass fetish???
Mr. D: *walks outside to smoke*
Me: I am going to blog about this……ok
Mr. D: FINE (exhaustedly)

  1. mcneatoburrito says:

    Single people, please take note: Those are the type conversations you will be having for the REST OF YOUR LIFE if you get married. Trust me on this. Really hard to get straight answers, and men don’t really understand what we are talking about most of the time anyways. They always think it’s a trap…a set up. Which it is…but not a set up for now, but for a LATER argument. It’s always good to have weapons in your arsenal, so to speak.

    I should have really been a marriage counselor. I’m a genius. OK, maybe not. But I have the exact insane conversations with my husband except my husband is really gross & graphic & you would’ve gotten answers YOU REALLY did NOT want. So, I don’t even bother goin’ there anymore with him.

    I don’t know about the ass thing, my first husband was an “ass man”. He didn’t mind if girls were flat chested or anything else, as long as they had a big ass. I am not flat, I’m the OPPOSITE of flat, but I do have junk in my trunk. If there was a famine and no food left on the earth, I’d be a skeleton with an ass.

    So, now that I’ve given you way TMI, they say that men who are “ass men” are more faithful, trustworthy, honest. Which was true of my first husband. My second husband is a BOOB man…they are the opposite of ass men…YAY ME! (sarcasm)

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