Um….Me & New Blog trying to get along

Posted: January 12, 2010 in blog site, HELP, Uncategorized

Well…yay for new liberating Blog….but Boo….b/c I am retarded and can’t figure out SHIT about how to set it up

  1. I can’t figure out how to add my BIO on my dashboard for you to see it….it is sort of important b/c it explains a lot….or not….it just randomly says stuff about me
  2. also… you may have read in Electrical Issues I can NOT figure out how to place pictures through out my blog to coincide w/ the story— so it sort of doesn’t make any sense
  3. I can’t figure out how to add people to my blog roll…..

I am sure I will come up with more STUFF that apparently I MUST figure out RIGHT NOW…..but for now……I think that covers it……
If you can help I will love you….or like you a lot….depending on the level of help you adminstered…

  1. joa says:

    1. There is a page, called About… edit that and use that as your bio. It is already in your sidebar, you won’t need to add it. Your WP bio is so that people can search for you I believe. I don’t think it is meant to show up, not sure. I don’t know what sort of options you have on add a photo, in the edit post/create post there is a little icon to upload an image, or grab an image from a URL. Once you upload it you have to insert it into the post. If you don’t insert it, you will not see it. Also, I think that has a limit on the amount of space you’ve got. Again, not sure, I self host on my own server and can do whatever I want as large as I want… the options here are very limited.

    3. To show blogroll, you need to enable the widget. To enable the widget, ummm, go to appearance > widgets and then drag the widget into the box that reads Sidebar…then it should displayed.You can also enable the text widget and put in your own code.It may be called Links.


  2. Ok..I figured out the ‘About’ part……..
    I can add photos but can’t place them about in blog @ my leisure..wherever I feel…..
    Enable a widget?? What?? Ok…I will try…..
    Can you just come live with me??

  3. joa says:

    Photo you insert in post, unless you have the path to it you can enable the “text” widget and call it using the tag. They don’t let you customize the template on a hosted blog.

  4. OMG….more widgets….ok…I think I have accomplished enough for 1 night….but did you see the blog I was talkig about?? all pics in a group huddled together?? not relating to my story?? Jerks

  5. NikkiMoi says:

    I’m laughingggggg at you! (Guess that means you will neither love nor like me. Ha.)

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