If you Love Black & White…clap your hands….or just read this

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yeah….I love all sorts of stuff…but I REALLY love old black & white classics…well for one they are classic….and 2. they are usually just as insane but more subtle which makes everything even more sexy & bad ass….just a few I can think of right now…actually like 4…2 ACTUAL movies….and 2 music videos……but I will add more later…it’s late & I’m tired

  1. so yeah….Casablanca
  2. Gilda
  3. alright….a music video…and whether you like this song/ band or not..the video ROCKS The Killers
  4. and another video that I adore Dandy Warhols: Everyone is Totally Insane……I love the song & the video AND the band

OH sure there are LOTS more but this is just what I am thinking of @ the moment….CHEERS and ENJOY and seriously watch them….they are fabulous…..otherwise I wouldn’t even like them……so yeah — and THERE

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